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作者:祝路平,毛双华,林国辉(巨化集团公司浙江巨化热电有限公司,浙江 衢州 324004)

摘要:APC先进控制技术在电厂仓储式煤粉炉大供热机组上的应用。通过DCS控制优化和各分系统的一键启停,可以避免因为煤质变化以及个别工艺参数无法量化带来的困扰; 并且以运行人员的实际操作为准绳,去确立整个逻辑设计和程控设计。在此两个基础上进行主汽压力、主汽温度、锅炉燃烧以及脱硝系统的APC优化,通过多个手段去减缓减轻运行人员的日常操作强度,达到黑屏操作的目的。


Abstract: This paper describes the application of the advanced control technology (APC) in large heating units of storage pulverized coal furnaces in power plants. Through DCS control optimization
and one-key start and stop of each subsystem, the control trouble caused by the change of coal quality and individual process parameter can be avoided. By using the operator's actual operation as the criterion, the whole logic design and program control design can be established. On these two bases, the APC optimization of the main steam pressure, main steam temperature, boiler combustion and denitrification system are carried out. The daily operation intensity of operators can therefore be reduced through multiple means so as to achieve the purpose of black screen operation.

Key words: APC (advanced process control); Advanced control;Intelligent DCS; Black screen Operation; Machine replacement